Thursday, August 15, 2013

McCord and Stewart, Sitting in a Tree...

Exciting news: Montreal's McCord and Stewart Museums are amalgamating!  It was announced two days ago (see Global News's coverage here).  In the short term both museums will apparently continue to exist under their old names and offer their own programming, but their administration and rich collections will be integrated.  The McCord holds some 1 440 000 artefacts and the Stewart another 27 000, including some real treasures of New France (and some dubious: I have misgivings about Membertou's gourd at the Stewart, for instance).

The synergy of the two institutions promises some great exhibitions, programming, and research.


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  1. 14 août, 2013

    Les musées McCord et Stewart annoncent leur regroupement

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    Chevalier de St-Véran
    2ème bataillon du régiment de la Sarre
    Vive le Roy!
    François Mitterrand
    Un peuple qui n’enseigne pas son histoire est un peuple qui perd son identité