Thursday, June 13, 2013

Moore on Louisbourg?

Word on the streets is that Christopher Moore is currently attending the annual meeting of the French Colonial Historical Society in Louisbourg.  Perhaps if we ask nicely he'll report on it via his much beloved blog.  How's the weather? 

Moore cut his historical teeth on the famed fortress a couple of decades ago, as some of you will know.  His first book, Louisbourg Portraits: Five Dramatic, True Tales of People Who Lived in an Eighteenth-Century Garrison Town, won the Governor-General’s Literary Award for nonfiction for 1982 and has, I gather, never been out of print since then.  Glancing at my bookshelves the other day, I spotted no less than three copies of it, including one of the French translation.  I wonder how many Canadian history books can boast such a good print run.   Not many, I suspect.  His research and writing has led him down other paths and to other pastures -- no greener, I'm sure, but surely less foggy -- since then.  I wonder, however, if Moore has any more to say on Louisbourg?  This year marking the 300th anniversary of its foundation and all that, and the 35th anniversary (or 36th?) of his involvement with it.  What'd you say, Chris?  Care to share some memories?


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  1. Spillin' rain, thick o'fog, temperature in single digits -- I'm home!

    Charlevoix, I have a suspicion you (or one of you) are also at Louisbourg this weekend. Can I out you if I find you.