Friday, August 30, 2013

Remember the Royal Proclamation?

Some readers may remember indignant calls earlier this year for a commemoration of the Royal Proclamation of 1763 (see here, here and here).  While the Canadian government remains disappointingly inactive on this front, at least one event is planned.  The Land Claims Agreements Coalition, which regroups the modern treaty organizations in this country, will be holding a one-day symposium entitled "Creating Canada: From the Royal Proclamation to Modern Treaties" on October 7th at the Canadian Museum of Civilization.  The draft program is very compelling, and includes historians (Colin Calloway and Jim Miller), legal scholars (Brian Slattery, to name but one), and politicians (Matthew Coon Come and Bernard Valcourt, Minister of Aboriginal Affairs, etc.).

The announcement for the symposium notes that an original copy of the Proclamation will be on display onsite.  Presumably the Canadian Museum of Civilization will have it on display for some time, more than one day.  So why doesn't the museum advertise this more widely?  You'd think they'd put a bit of weight behind this foundational document, and try to whip up some well-deserved interest among the public.


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  1. I imagine the lingering memory of the Idle No More protests may be dissuading them from publicizing more about it. While they were by and large very peaceful, in any popular movement, there is always some thuggery from the younger and more firebrand members. There was some graffiti, and other public defacing. Perhaps there is a worry that it might draw some of that towards the museum? Complete speculation, though.

    A shame, because that symposium sounds fantastic.