Wednesday, May 28, 2014

NF at Pathé

Following up on my last post's focus on the Metropolitan Museum of Art's newly enriched catalogue database, I thought of doing the same for the British Pathé archives.  A couple of video segments stick out of the lot, the most interesting one being of the celebration of the two-hundredth anniversary of the Battle of Québec with a reenactment by the Royal Sussex Regiment in 1959.

Also of possible interest: a segment on the building of military dioramas, including one of the scaling of the Heights of Abraham, and another on Westerham, Kent, site of the childhood home of Wolfe.  A quaint segment on "Québec, capital of French Canada" from 1969 is also worth viewing.

PS: Giving credit where credit is due, I thank the Flintlock and Tomahawk blog for bringing the Royal Sussex video to my attention.



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